8 Steps To Writing the Facebook Invite Your Friends Will Go Nuts Over

Whether it’s your first or your hundredth FB-official gala, you’re here because you want to write the ultimate Facebook event invite. Anticipation is key, so when the big night comes you can kick back, relax, and soak it all in.

1. Start with the picture. 

Facebook has plenty of generic party backgrounds that are totally lame and will not suffice to draw your guests in. The go-to move is usually a pic of an adorable animal wearing some sort of festive outfit. If you can’t find one to fit your theme, a plain ole cute animal works just fine.


Who doesn’t love this?

2. Make it as funny as you can.

Nothing sets the tone for a big night like words that resemble the hilarious ones that slip out when you’re tipsy. Talk to your friends the way you would if they were showing up at the party…let them know you’ll be happy to see them! Start off with something you would greet people with if you were showing up to a room full of these people.


3. Tell them what’s really up.

Are you supplying alcohol or is it BYOB? Where should people park? Is there a theme?

Also, can people sleep over? If so, should they bring blankets and pillow? Getting the heads up so allows your guests plan on getting a car or designating a DD. Have at least some room for people to pass out if they really want to experience the party. If not, your friends might find a place where they can.


Most importantly, don’t let anyone be a moron and drink and drive!

5. Send it out at least one month in advance.

Once you’ve got your date, time, and amusing message, hit send on that baby. Commitments are a real thing, and they can suck when you want your friends to come through. Otherwise their other friends will snatch up their weekend before you had the chance to let them know about your party.

mean girls invite.gif

6.  Delegate.

After you’ve given your guests time to decide if they’re coming, figure out who’s bringing what. 10 times out of 10, your true friends are going to offer to make something. If not, try to seed out that one person to be voluntold they’re making an app.


Try using that volunteer as an example by posting in the FB event saying: “Julie’s bringing fried mac & cheese balls…if you want to bring something, you totally can.” Try to take inventory because people get hungry when they’re drunk, and with that being the case, human portions are no longer relevant. Knowing this is key to feeding the other people who only showed up with booze.

drunk pizza.gif

7. Check in before the party.

A few nights before the par-tay, send another quick note saying how excited you are for your friends to come over, and to remind people to give you the heads up on the things you asked of them.


Make sure to have fun at your party!


8. When it’s all over, thank everyone for coming.

A sure way to get people to come to the next shindig is to let them know how much it meant to you that they chose to spend their night at your place.

happy baby.gif


Happy Birthday, Isabella 🌼

Isabella: A name rich with royalty. Izzy has her kingdom alright, and even more so, a legacy.

Izzy came into my life in such a funny way. My little sister – Britt – had just stepped into middle school and met her newest friend, a boy-crazy blonde who never seemed to calm down between laughs or sports talk. Me being a concerned older sibling thought this girl was bad news. I mean, the girl’s Twitter handle is @Izztitz after all.

I said little to Britt about it because I knew how close they had become, so I didn’t want to come down on her too hard for it. I know what it’s like to have your older sister disapprove of your best-friendship – it sucks, but that’s a story for another time.

But as the years went on, I was proven so incredibly wrong. Yes, Izzy was crazy, but I never realized how much I could like someone for shamelessly being themselves. It’s something that some people are blessed with – endless amounts of energy pouring from within. Everything about Izzy was contagious, and that’s how her story began to blossom just like the daisies she claimed as her trademark thing.

Her also trademark laugh.

Home, school, EDM shows, and more…she’d built a community of people who adored her. Izzy was busy giving no effs and having her world fall into place as it does for those who authentically allow it to. She was a genuinely good person always putting her best foot forward to make life worth being alive for.

On December 13, 2014, Isabella was taken from us entirely too soon. A star snatched from the sky – leaving the world a little darker, for we’d gotten so use to her light. Everything stopped when she told us goodbye. I could barely look Britt in the eye. No person likes to see their sibling cry with no explanation of why.

Life is precious. Thank you, Isabella, for living by example. I hope this birthday is one of your best ever. We’re thinking of you, always.


Izzy’s vigil where we saw a shooting star, and Shan’s tattoo of 19 daisies in the right-hand corner…Izzy was 19.


Izzy & Britt the night Izzy wandered up into the sky.

Sunday Feelz 10.23

We’re sitting in my living room eating buffalo dirt wings from J. Timothy’s (the ABSOLUTE best around).

We’ve gone through 3 bottles of champagne at this point and it’s still not enough. It’s Shan, me, and Alex (click on her website to find out who we’re talking about*).

*Do it because we’re gonna mention her a lot.

**A LOT.

Have you ever stood at a package store register with 5 minutes to make a transaction before legal close? Ugh, the terror.

I want to let the world know how grateful I am for friends to come over and jam on our keyboards together, making websites rather than music…for sitting outside with me to let me to draw with chalk in the good company of others…for letting me listen to “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” for the millionth time today.

We’re also listening to “Make a Man Out of You” from the Mulan soundtrack. Westworld to follow…after Shan gets her fix of Walking Dead. “Who the fuck did Lucille kill?”

Happy Sunday Funday, y’all.


Side note: J. Tims is always responsive on social media. They play back and they know they have excellent wings and they flaunt it. I appreciate honesty in the people I’m giving money to as I gorge down their merchandise. Check them out and see whatsup.
Super side note: You’ll see/hear me talk about J. Tims a lot while I’m in the U.S. -THEY ARE THE BEST! It’s my favorite wing spot in the world and I haven’t even left CT yet.

I’ve yet to see the world…ahhh…what a wonderful feeling to be hungry for.


Look what I found

My little spaces are a direct reflecshan of my mind – messy, messy, messy.

I decided I had too much shit on my desktop when I went to save a picture for this site but didn’t want to rifle through my Finder. So then I came across this thing.

I was given a pretty pair of markers that just had to be put to use. It’s like I was drinking poetry juice – my mind gone, on the loose.

Read it, comment on it, then DEUCEs.


Hey, we’re drunk in our PJs on a Friday

We’re sitting on the couch – I’m drinking a mimosa and Shan’s drinking Captain and Coke. We’re both listening to these songs because we feel like it:

  1. Lilo & Stitch – “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”
  2. Arthur Theme Song – Ziggy Marley – “Believe in Yourself” (who knew it was Ziggy??)
  3. Lil B – “Caillou Freestyle”
  4. Three Loco – “NEATO”
  5. G-Eazy – “I Be in the Lab”
  6. 311 – “From Chaos Comes Clarity”
  7. Shawty Putt ft. Lil Jon “That Baby Don’t Look Like Me” (Shan O’s jam in high school)
  8. Bloodhound Gang – “The Bad Touch”

And that’s all we can manage to type as we keep singing songs while drinking various types of alcohol. If you ever want to weird your friends out with your Fri-Night wastedness, turn them onto this post.


Is this thing on?


I’m sitting on my couch watching Shameless after a day spent “working” at home (WAH). I put “working” in quotes because I rediscovered Vine after having abandoned it for a year, and let me tell you, people are freakin weird. Watching vines is like watching Snapchats that were uploaded for the world to see – minus the filters and plus more nostril flares.

Here’s a vine of I made of Shan and I. Yep, that’s prom.

So, my day went like that last paragraph, distracted by Vine.

I went to happy hour with a friend last night and came home to find my roommates jumping in their brand-new inflatable hot tub. We cheers-ed with wine to being 23 with too much money.

I’m telling you this because it helps provide a bubble of context around my seemingly selfish dilemma: my world is great on paper, but there’s something deeply unsatisfying about it.

I grew up, went to school, and now work in Connecticut. I followed the directions to achieving the ideal adulthood: “How to Stay in Suburbia – A Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming 40 in Your 20s.”

There’s a problem, though. I can’t do this because it’s not meant to be that simple. I’m not that ignorant, yet I’m ignoring the crazy Tasmanian devil inside that’s seeping out of my mind and into my waking life. I can’t remember the last time I truly felt alive.

So I’m fixing that. The wheels are in motion – it’ll be a long and twisted road. Stay tuned to find out where we go.

turtle wheels.gif

↑ Me moving at actual speed. “vroom! vroom!”