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My name is Shannon McCormick.

In terms of McCormick, I come from a family of six as one of four girls. In terms of Shannon, I am so much more than that. An adventurist, for one. A daydreamer, too.

I was born, raised, and educated in the state of Connecticut, USA. What a big surprise that I landed a job in Hartford, CT, as a business-technology person expected to make big change in a vat of insurance cement (peep my LinkedIn or résumé).

I’m not sure how life happened that way, but I felt had to make a change before I became stuck being “safe” forever. So I left. I went to travel the world on a soul-seeking mission to find myself, and I did it with my best friend Shannon. I never knew what the outcome would look like,  but I was certain I wouldn’t regret taking the risk.

I created this blog at the beginning of my journey – before I left Connecticut – before I even bought my one-way ticket. And I maintained this blog…for a while. Life happens and traveling is meant to be lived out loud, not into a computer screen. So I took a break, and now I’m back.

Months after I left for my 3-month journey in Europe, I sit here typing to you…